Original paper

Genetic resources of cultivated plants in northwest Poland (Polish Pomerania)

Dostatny, Denise F.; Dziubiak, Marta


To preserve the genetic resources of major crop plants as well as of their wild relatives, old fruit-tree varieties, grasses, and rare weed species, Poland's National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources, together with other institutions, has organised annual expeditions throughout the country both to collect genotypes endangered by extinction (in the form of seeds, bulbs, and grafts) and to monitor the progress of genetic erosion. The present paper includes data from the collection missions conducted in northwest Poland (Polish Pomerania) between 1997 and 2010. This region is poor in local varieties of crops and weeds, because resettlement after the Second World War has meant that there are no old residents who have continued to cultivate local varieties. On the other hand, this region is very rich in old fruit-tree varieties, which elsewhere have disappeared; most of the specimens were planted by pre-war landholders. The fruit trees were catalogued in 2006. Some of them were identified in situ and others were collected for future identification.


expeditionsnorthwest polandarable landscropsweedsorchardsgene bank