Original paper

Unexpected vegetation changes in protected wetlands: four examples from Pomerania (N Poland)

Herbichowa, Maria; Herbich, Jacek


We compare management goals and the actual development of oligotrophic wetland vegetation in four reserves in Pomerania, northern Poland. The reserves (Białogóra, Bielawa, Staniszewskie Błoto, and Kurze Grzędy) include astatic water bodies in interdune slacks and on heathlands, dystrophic and oligotrophic lakes, as well as raised bogs, and have been managed using both passive and active methods. The results suggest that with the current understanding of wetlands, the effect of interventions is still largely unpredictable. Most strikingly, selective habitat use by cranes (Grus grus) led to the unforeseen eutrophication of individual oligotrophic water bodies.


oligotrophic habitatsvegetation dynamicsplant conservationnature reservesnorthern poland