Original paper

Human impact on the lichen floras of two forest landscapes in Pomerania (Poland, Germany)

Schiefelbein, Ulf; Jansen, Florian


The comparison of the lichen floras of two landscapes in Northern-Central Europe with similar climatic and edaphic conditions showed big differences in species composition despite relatively small differences in air pollution as well as present and historical land-use. The lichen flora is much richer in the Drawieński National Park (DNP, Poland) than in the Ueckermünder Heide (UEM, Germany). More endangered species and more species bound to old-growth forests were found in DNP than UEM. The majority of endangered lichens were sensitive to eutrophication in both areas. The species composition in DNP suggests a lower level of eutrophication in all studied habitats and higher humidity in broad-leaved forests. Differences in the lichen diversity of forest habitats between the study areas are probably due to atmospheric pollution by ammonia and nitric oxides, drainage of the landscape as well as forest management.


biodiversitydrainageeutrophicationforest managementindicator valuesnature conservation