Original paper

Lichens of xerothermic grasslands in Western Pomerania (Poland)

Wieczorek, Anetta; Schiefelbein, Ulf


An inventory of the terricolous lichen flora of the xerothermic grasslands in five nature reserves of Western Pomerania revealed the presence of 22 species: 16 in the Prof. Adam Wodziczko Nature Reserve in the Wolin National Park, 9 in the Brodogóry Nature Reserve, the Stary Przylep Nature Reserve and the Wrzosy Cedyńskie Nature Reserve, and 6 in Wzgórze Widokowe nad Międzyodrzem. The species show different distribution patterns in the Middle European Plain. Six species (Bilimbia microcarpa, Endocarpon pusillum, Fulgensia bracteata, F. fulgens, Placidium squamulosum, Psora decipiens) are limited to inland areas with calcareous soil. Four species (Bacidia bagliettoana, Cladonia furcata ssp. subrangiformis, Cladonia pyxidata ssp. pocillum, Diploschistes muscorum) have distribution centres in coastal regions along the North Sea and in inland areas with calcareous soil. All the other species have no specific distribution pattern. Caloplaca albolutescens, Collema bachmanianum, C. undulatum and Fulgensia bracteata are new for the Polish lowland.


biodiversitydistributionmiddle european plainnew recordsterricolous lichens