Original paper

Some notes on original material and locus classicus of Deuterocohnia meziana Kuntze ex Mex var. carmineo-viridiflora Rauh (Bromeliaceae)

Schröder, Christof Nikolaus; Sack, Peter; Koch, Marcus A.

Plant Diversity and Evolution Volume 131 No. 4 (2015), p. 223 - 237

published: Dec 1, 2015
published online: Jan 25, 2016
manuscript accepted: Sep 12, 2014
manuscript revision received: Sep 10, 2014
manuscript received: Jun 13, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/pde/2015/0131-0083

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Abstract When Werner Rauh described the new variety Deuterocohnia meziana var. carmineo-viridiflora, he did not carefully check data in his own field books and field diary which later resulted in inaccurate statements about the type locality and gathering date of the type. Beyond that he preserved material of the taxon as herbarium specimens both collected in the wild and obtained from plants cultivated in Heidelberg Botanical Garden. This caused some complexity in distinguishing type from non-type specimens in the herbarium of Heidelberg University (HEID) later. Within the scope of the Werner Rauh Heritage Project, we have gained deep insights into Rauh’s field notes and his method of working which has allowed us to identify vouchers of the specimen designated as Holotype in the protologue as well as the correct type locality and gathering date of the new variety.


typificationlocus classicusDeuterocohnia meziana var. carmineo-viridifloraBromeliaceaeBoliviaWerner Rauh Heritage Project