Original paper

Special Issue on Geodata Processing at the Institute of Surveying, Remote Sensing and Land Information at BOKU in Vienna

Atzberger, Clement


The Institute of Surveying, Remote Sensing and Land Information (IVFL) is part of the Department of Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences (RaLI) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria. The institute is mentioned first in 1875 and has nowadays about twenty scientific and technical staff. IVFL is involved in a number of Bachelor and Master study programs at BOKU such as Forest Sciences, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning, Environment and Bio- Resources Management and Environmental Engineering. The main topics taught are in surveying, GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry. Additional courses are provided in Land Administration. The work published in this issue of PFG is intended to give a concise overview of our current research activities. These are centred on the acquisition, processing, analysis, interpretation and visualization of geodata. The ten papers presented in this special issue are categorized in terms of (main) instruments and scale of application, along with the main methodologies applied. As demonstrated by the paper contributions presented in this special issue, we conduct research in a wide range of topics such as: ● Measurement of soil roughness ● Forest height and yield class estimation ● Mud structure mapping ● Forest vitality assessment ● Modelling of crop water requirements ● Detection of illicit crops ● Wide-area land cover mapping ● Land surface phenology characterization ● Optimization of spectroradiometric measurements ● Wildlife migration modelling