Original paper

Large-Scale vegetation mapping in Norway

Hesjedal, Olav

Phytocoenologia Band 2 Heft 3-4 (1975), p. 388 - 395

37 references

published: Jun 18, 1975

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Several research programs on large scale vegetation mapping have been performed in Norway during the last ten years. The most comprehensive one has several objectives. The primary task is to establish a practical classification system for vegetation mapping, based on plant sociologically defined units. Further objectives: Personell training; to test the potentialities for different air photo types for mapping of this kind; to establish a rational system for graphical presentation of mapping data; and to inform planners of the applicability of vegetation maps to area plannning. 20-30 maps at 1 :10000 and 1 :5000 scales have been reproduced, and several are in preparation, the majority as colour-maps. Primarily is actual vegetation mapped. Actual vegetation is closer to potential vegetation in Norway than in most of Europe. Where actual vegetation differs greatly from potential vegetation, additional information is given about main type of the latter. This refer to fallow-land and semi-cultivated areas; fully cultivated areas are so far generally not classified.


large scale vegetation mappinggraphicalclassification systemNorway