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Die Reaktion der Waldbodenvegetation auf Trittwirkung im Lichte experimenteller Forschungen

[The reaction to trampling of the field layer by the method of experimental simulation]

Faliński, Janusz Bogdan

Phytocoenologia Band 2 Heft 3-4 (1975), p. 451 - 465

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published: Jun 18, 1975

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The reaction to trampling of the field layer in an oak-linden-hornbeam forest (Tilio-Carpinetum) and in a continental pine-oak mixed forest (Pino-Quercetum) was studied by the method of experimental simulation. The experiment consisted in trampling of earlier examined and free from anthropogenic influences definite experimental areas during the entire vegetation season at 1-week intervals by two persons moving freely in hiking shoes. Two dosages of trampling were applied which could be converted to a definite value of pressure in its physical sense. Towards the end of the vegetation season the changes in the ground vegetation due to trampling were evaluated in reference to control (untrodden) plots.


field layeranthropogenic influencesexperimental areasground vegetation