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Synthèse de la végétation de la province Maramureș, Roumanie

Resmerită, J.

Phytocoenologia Band 2 Heft 3-4 (1975), p. 336 - 348

15 references

published: Jun 18, 1975

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The district of Maramureș belongs to the northern part of Romania, having a surface of 3709 km2. Its very varied relief oscillates in altitudes from 210 m near the town Sighet, - till 2305 m on the pick Pietrosul Mare. The varied climatic conditions and the morphological features favoured the development of a rich vegetation, less studied till now. Therefore, we studied the vegetation of this district for some years. The paper presents a succinct synthesis, referring to the listing of the vegetation units. Four vegetation belts can be distinguished on the area of this district: the common oak (Quercus pedunculata) and the oak-three (Quercus sessiliflora) between 210 and 600 m (1007 m); the beech (Fagus) - between 500 and 1300 (1400) m; the spruce (Picea excelsa) which descends till 700 m on the northern slopes and reaches 1600 m on the southern ones. The following new associations are given: Agrosteto (alpinae)-Ranunculetum crenati, Agrosteto (slpinae)-Gnaphalietum supinae, Querco petraeae-Fagetum, Dentario (bulbuferae)-Quercetum petraeae and Rhododendro-Juncetum trifidi. The first two association are accompanied also by sociological tables.


climaticvegetationsynthesismorphological featuresMaramureșRomania