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Ein Versuch zur Kartierung des Natürlichkeitsgrades der Vegetation und Anwendungsmöglichkeit dieser Karte für den Umwelt- und Naturschutz am Beispiel der Stadt Fujisawa

[Natural grade map of vegetation and its applications for the City of Fujisawa]

Miyawaki, Akira; Fujiwara, Kazue

Phytocoenologia Band 2 Heft 3-4 (1975), p. 430 - 437

8 references

published: Jun 18, 1975

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Healthful and pleasant living space is one of the urgent problems of human survival. Today natural environments, which is to say natural vegetation, have become so much changed by the impacts of cultures that these environments no longer contribute to human health and enjoyment. Plant communities are the result of long-term interactions with their habitats; therefore, plant communities are sensitive apparatuses for detecting and measuring changes in the environment and biota. For the past 10 years we have been making maps of actual (existing today) vegetation combined with maps of today's »potential natural vegetation« according to the concept of R. Tüxen (1956). Thus we can predict the response of the vegetation if the cultural influence is relieved or altered. Actual vegetation in the cultural landscape shows grades of different kinds and intensities of human activities. In this paper, five maps units of these »natural grades« of human influence are distinguished within the actual vegetation, and ten units are subdivided in case such detail is needed. In the City of Fujisawa the natural grades map was made by field survey, along with the preparation of the actual vegetation map; and then these were compared with the potential natural vegetation map. The natural grade map of vegetation permits evaluation of the environmental conditions of the city, which is poor in natural green places, a kind of desert waste. It is important and urgent that native vegetation be restored and maintained in these urban deserts. The natural grade vegetation map combines the knowledge of vegetation science with nature conservation and many other fields, and this map is directly applicable to city planning and city management.


environmentsnatural grades mapplant communitieshuman healthhabitatscultural landscapecity managementCity of FujisawaJapan