Original paper

Sinopsis cenosistemática preliminar de los pajonales mesófilos semi-naturales del nordeste de la Argentina, incluyendo pajonales pampeanos y puntanos

Eskuche, U.

Phytocoenologia Band 21 Heft 3 (1992), p. 237 - 312

64 references

published: Dec 2, 1992

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/21/1992/237

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The mesophile semi-natural grasslands of NE Argentina were studied phytosociologically and the found communities arranged into a hierarchic system according to Braun-Blanquet's concepts and methods. Additionally, correspondent plant communities as reported by Cabrera (1945, 1949) and other authors from the "Pampa" of Buenos Aires and from San Luis province were treated.


mesophile semi-natural grasslandsBraun-BlanquetArgentina