Original paper

Epilithic lichen vegetation on man-made, calcareous substrates in The Netherlands

Daniels, Fred J. A.; Harkema, Marius

Phytocoenologia Band 21 Heft 3 (1992), p. 209 - 235

38 references

published: Dec 2, 1992

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/21/1992/209

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This is the first survey of calcareous, saxicolous lichen vegetation on man-made substrates in The Netherlands. The fieldwork was carried out in the 1970's using the Braun-Blanquet approach. All communities are classified in the Verrucarietalia nigrescentis Klem. 50, Verrucarietea nigrescentis Wirth 80. The Caloplacetum citrinae, Lecanora albescens-Caloplaca citrina coenon, Caloplacetum saxicolae, Physcio nigracantis-Candelarielletum mediantis and Caloplacetum teicholytae belong to the Caloplacion decipientis Klem. 50. The Aspicilietum calcareae is classified in the Aspicilion calcareae Albertson 46 ex Roux 78. Habitat and distribution are described. The floristic variation is likely primarily caused by differences in degree of N-enrichment of the substrate and in substrate moisture, influenced by physical properties of the substrate. The Caloplacetum saxicolae, Caloplacetum teicholytae and Aspicilietum calcareae appear fragmentarily developed.


classificationDecoranaphytosociologysaxicolous lichenssynecologysyntaxonomyurban vegetationVerrucarietea nigrescentis