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La vegetación y el medio físico del Chaco Arido en la provincia de Córdoba, Argentina Central

Cabido, M.; Manzur, A.; Carranza, L.; González Albarracin, C.

Phytocoenologia Band 24 Heft 1-4 (1994), p. 423 - 460

38 references

published: Apr 8, 1994

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/24/1994/423

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The Arid Chaco occupies the southwestern extreme of the Chaco Phytogeographic Province and extends through inter-mountains basins (locally known as "bolsones") surrounded by mountain chains. The vegetation comprises xerophytic forests, shrublands and thickets whose physiognomy and composition are related to water availability and anthropogenic features. Mountain and low land species coexist in the forests occurring in the piedmont. In the plains, human activities and soil discontinuities (dunes and saline depressions) determine a complex mosaic of plant communities. The climax community on zonal soils is the Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco forest which only remains as reduced and isolated stands within protected areas.


xerophyticshrublandsplant communitiessaline depressionsArgentina