Original paper

Plant communities of the Bol'šoj Čivyrkuj River Valley, Barguzinskij Range, East Siberia

Chytrý, Milan; Anenchonov, Oleg A.; Danihelka, Jiří

Phytocoenologia Band 25 Heft 3 (1995), p. 399 - 434

62 references

published: Sep 29, 1995

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/25/1995/399

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The vegetation of the Bol'šoj Čivyrkuj River Valley in the Barguzinskij Range, East Siberia, is described and classified into 39 plant communities, using the Braun-Blanquet approach. These include 7 tundra communities, 2 talus, 6 meadow and tall-forb, 3 sand-dune, 2 rock, 1 spring, 1 mud, 9 fen and mire, 1 shrub, 6 forest and 1 krummholz communities. Five of them are formally described as new associations: Geranio albiflori-Pedicularietum uncinatae, Aconito rubicundi-Salicetum krylovii, Aquilegio glandulosae-Geranietum, Calamagrostio langsdorffii-Salicetum roridae, and Pleurozio schreberi-Pinetum pumilae. These communities are documented by 173 relevés, their ecology is briefly described and the syntaxonomy discussed.


plant communitiesBraun-BlanquetBarguzinskij RangeEast Siberia