Original paper

Mitteleuropäische Potamogetonetea III.

Passarge, H.

Phytocoenologia Band 26 Heft 2 (1996), p. 129 - 177

225 references

published: Jun 28, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/26/1996/129

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The structural homogeneous and homotoneous community-types of Parvopotamogetonids and Najadids in the area of Central Europe, their diagnostic species combination, ecological condition, distribution, subdivision, endangerment and nomenclature are explained (Table 22-28). Beneath some nomenclatorial completions by adding a second taxon (nom. nov.), the newly arranged associations are: Potamogetonetum pectinato-berchtoldii, Callitricho-, Ceratophyllo-Potamogetonetum compressi, Potamogetonetum crispo-friesii, Callitricho-Potamogetonetum panormitani, Charo-Potamogetonetum pectinati, Ceratophyllo-Najadetum minoris, Myriophyllo-Najadetum marinae, Callitricho- and Ranunculo-Zannichellietum palustris. At least the syntaxonomical position within the hierarchical system is discussed (Table 29-32) and finished with new proposals: Potamogetonionnatanti-obtusifolii, Elodeo-Potamogetonion crispi and Myriophyllo-Najadenion marinae. A supplement of nomenclatory types is added in the Tables 33-34.


ParvopotamogetonidNajadidCentral EuropePotamogetonetum