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Complejos de vegetación del Macizo de Pena Trevinca y Serra do Eixo (NO de la Península Ibérica)

[Vegetation complexes of the Pena Trevinca Mountains and Serra do Eixo (northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula)]

Ortiz, S.; Izco, J.; Rodríguez-Oubiña, J

Phytocoenologia Band 27 Heft 1 (1997), p. 25 - 52

24 references

published: Jan 1, 1997

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/27/1997/25

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The vegetation of an area of the Orensano-Sanabriensian Sector of the Carpetano-Iberico-Leonese Province of the Mediterranean Region was studied in relation to bioclimatic belts defined on the basis of local climate data. Seven vegetation complexes were listed, each one with a different vegetation climax: five forests (Genisto hystricis- Quercetum rotundifoliae, Genisto falcatae-Quercetum pyrenaicae, Holco mollis-Quercetum pyrenaicae, Luzulo cantabricae-Betuletum pubescentis, Luzulo henriquesii-Fagetum sylvaticae) and two shrublands (Genisto sanabrensis-Juniperetum nanae, Junipero nanae-Vaccinietum ulginosi). Vegetation complexes were defined through 23 relevés which include 56 associations in all. Our findings are illustrated by a catena dropping 1700 m and a map showing the potential vegetation.


bioclimatic beltsbioclimatologyforestsheathsphytosociologyscrub communitiesSpainvergetation series