Original paper

Coastal plant communities of the southwestern Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal

Galán de Mera, A.; Sánchez García, I.; Vicente Orellana, J. A.

Phytocoenologia Band 27 Heft 3 (1997), p. 313 - 352

100 references

published: Sep 30, 1997

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/27/1997/313

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A synsystematic revision of the coastal plant communities of the southwestern Iberian Peninsula has been made, based on 349 phytosociological relevés. After a numerical analysis with ordination (PCA) and classification, 19 groups of relevés have been defined. From those groups we deduce a new order, three new associations and one new subassociation: 0nonidetalia ramosissimae, Thymo albicantis-Stauracanthetum genistoidis, Verbasco litigiosi-Ononidetum ramosissimae, Verbasco martinezii-Ononidetum ramosissimae, and Asparago aphylli-Calicotometum villosae juniperetosum turbinatae. Furthermore, a revision of all the syntaxa has been made.


phytosociologymultivariate analysissouthern Iberian Peninsula