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Some reflections on Vegetation Science in our days: Impressions taken from the 42nd IAVS Symposium in Bilbao (Spain), July 1999

Loidi, Javier

Phytocoenologia Band 30 Heft 3-4 (2000), p. 279 - 283

11 references

published: Nov 24, 2000

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/30/2000/279

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The course of the 41 previous symposia of the IAVS, has reflected the various periods which have affected Vegetation Science (Mucina 1997) and they are partially remembered by our elder colleagues. In former times, "classic" Braun-Blanquetian phytosociology used to be the main (or even only) topic, and all issues on vegetation such as classification, dynamics, mapping, etc., were treated under that topic. In the last two decades there has been a progressive participation of vegetation scientists educated in other "schools" who have had an increasing relevance in the symposia of that period. Many of those scientists are nowadays members of the association and take part in its activities; this means, and it is widely assumed, that today the IAVS is not just an association of phytosociologists. This leads to the conclusion that IAVS Symposia have to be multi-school to permit the participation of the whole range of its members although regarding the logical bias given by the organisers on each occasion. This time, most of the organisers, including myself, can be considered as phytosociologists in a relatively "classical" sense, and that, perhaps, has encouraged some colleagues to take part while others have decided to wait for a better occasion. Nevertheless we intended from the very first moment to organise the 42nd IAVS Symposium for all. To achieve this a quite general topic was chosen, "vegetation and climate", an old but central issue in Vegetation Science which is always of interest to researchers as climate is one of the main conditions for plants. It could also be treated on all scales (from local to general, from the population or species level to the landscape or biogeographical level) and from all points of view (climate in the past or in the future, syntaxonomic implications, influence on population biology, biodiversity, phenology or productivity of plant communities, etc.)


phytosociologyIAVSvegatation and climatebiodiversity