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Étude phytosociologique sur les peuplements à Laurus nobilis dans les Monts Iblei (Sicile sud-orientale)

Brullo, Salvatore; Costanzo, Emanuele; Tomaselli, Valeria

Phytocoenologia Band 31 Heft 2 (2001), p. 249 - 270

56 references

published: Jun 22, 2001

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/31/2001/249

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The communities of Laurus nobilis L. occurring in some places of Hyblaean Mountains (SE Sicily), are investigated. This vegetation is clearly autochthonous and show a relict character. The laurel is localized in some calcareous gorges and in volcanic northern slopes of Mt. Lauro and is closely linked to peculiar microclimatic conditions of oceanic type, due to damp soils and high atmospherical humidity. From floristic and structural features two types of communities can be distinguished, the Hedero helicis-Lauretum nobilis linked to limestones, hitherto known from the Iberian Peninsula and belonging to the Pistacio-Rhamnetalia alaterni, and the Lauro-Quercetum virgilianae ass. nov., a forest type of the Quercetalia ilicis growing on marls and basalts, occurring in the Hyblaean area and Latium. The syntaxonomical, ecological and syndynamical settings are discussed by a comparison with related communities described from other Mediterranean territories.


relict vegetationLaurus nobilisHyblaean MountainsSE Sicily