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Vegetacion briofitica terricola y saxicola del Jbel Bouhalla (Cordillera del Rif, Marruecos) Terricolous and saxicolous bryophyte vegetation of the Jbel Bouhalla (Rif Cordillera, Morocco)

Jimé nez, Juan Antonio; Ros, Rosa Marí a; Cano, Marí a J.; Guerra, Juan

Phytocoenologia Band 32 Heft 1 (2002), p. 3 - 28

published: Mar 22, 2002

DOI: 10.1127/0340-269X/2002/0032-0003

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The terricolous and saxicolous bryophyte vegetation of the Jbel Bouhalla (western Rif Cordillera, Morocco) has been studied using the Zurich-Montpellier School's method. 14 communities have been recognized. Two associations from southern Iberian Peninsula and Morocco are described as new: Cephaloziello turneri-Claopodietum whippleani ass. nova of acidic taluses and ledges and Pleuridio acuminati-Acauletum mediterranei ass. nova which grow on acidic, dry soils with clayey texture. The latter association is included in a new alliance Cheilothelion chloropi al. nova belonging to the class Dicranelletea heteromallae which includes the terricolous and acidic communities with a Mediterranean behaviour. Conclusions from field observations about the dynamics of the communities were undertaken.


bryophyte vegetationdynamicsmediterranean regionnorth africamorocco