Original paper

Halotolerant and halophytic vegetation from cliffs in Central Mediterranean Peninsular Italy with emphasis on Southern Lazio

Fanelli, Giuliano; Sauli, Alessandro Serafini; Tescarollo, Paolo

Phytocoenologia Band 34 Heft 3 (2004), p. 447 - 464

published: Oct 8, 2004

DOI: 10.1127/0340-269X/2004/0034-0447

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The endemic-rich vegetation dominated by Helichrysum litoreum on rocky shores of Southern Lazio is studied and compared with Crithmo-Limonion vegetation. Two zones are recognized and ecologically characterized. A discussion of vegetation from rocky sea shores in Italy is outlined. The two zones are shown to correspond to quite distinctive ecological conditions, with both halotolerant and halophilous species in the upper community and strictly halophilous species in the community closer to the sea. A synoptic analysis of vegetation with Helichrysum litoreum from Italy shows that the sometimes confusing pattern can be understood in the light of climactical, geomorphological and edaphic gradients.


helichrysum litoreum s. litalymediterraneanphytosociologysaline vegetationlazio