Original paper

Plant communities of Juniperus turbinata Guss. subsp. turbinata in the Mediterranean Region. A biogeographical, bioclimatical and syntaxonomical survey

Asensi, Alfredo; Díez-Garretas, Blanca; Quézel, Pierre

Phytocoenologia Band 37 Heft 3-4 (2007), p. 599 - 623

published: Dec 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/0340-269X/2007/0037-0599

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The Mediterranean communities in which Juniperus turbinata Guss. subsp. turbinata is the dominant taxon have been studied. The relevés were subjected to a correspondence analysis (DCA) and were arranged in a synthetic table. Two orders (Ephedro-Juniperetalia and Pistacio-Rhamnetalia alaterni), 8 alliances and 35 associations were distinguished. The application of the Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature allows us to propose some corrections and the following new syntaxa: Ephedro nebrodensis-Juniperion turbinatae, Coronillo ramosissimae-Juniperetum turbinatae, Warionio saharae-Antirrhinetum ramosissimi, Junipero turbinatae-Cupressetum atlanticae, Retamo dasycarpae-Juniperetum turbinatae, Bupleuro spinosi-Juniperetum turbinatae, Pistacio lentisci-Juniperetum turbinatae, Rhamno graecae-Ceratonion siliquae and Ephedro campylopodae-Juniperetum turbinatae.


juniperus turbinataphytosociologymultivariate analysismediterranean region