Original paper

Current state of the Poetea bulbosae class in the Iberian Peninsula

Cano, Eusebio; Ladero, Miguel; García-Fuentes, Antonio; Pinto-Gomes, Carlos J.; Cano-Ortiz, Ana

Phytocoenologia Band 37 Heft 3-4 (2007), p. 645 - 661

published: Dec 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/0340-269X/2007/0037-0645

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The Poa bulbosa communities present in the Iberian Peninsula are studied. With the aid of tables of associations provided by other authors and unpublished data, some statistical analyses (cluster analysis, Euclidean distance and PCA-analysis) were carried out and a synthetic table was made to characterize the distinctive groups of taxa of each association. In both cases there are some rearrangements, which, together with the floristic and ecological study, lead us to propose the following novelties: Poetum ligulatae-bulbosae ass. nova hoc loco with a variant of Hieracium baeticum in the basophilous communities, Festuco amplae-Poetum bulbosae plantaginetosum radicatae comb. nova for the silicicolous grasslands, and Plantaginenion serrariae stat. nov. (Trifolio subterranei-Periballion) for neutro-basophilous, vertic and siliceous soils.


phytosociologyenclosed grasslandspoa bulbosamultivariate analysisfitosociologiapastizales de dehesapoa bulbosaanalisis multivariante