Estudio Bioclimatico y Fitocenotico comparativo de la alta cumbre canaria: Tenerife-La Palma. Islas Canarias.

Osorio, Victoria Eugenia Martín; Wildpret de la Torre, Wolfredo; del Arco Aguilar, Marcelino; Pérez de Paz, Pedro Luís; Bolaños, Beatriz Hernández; Rodríguez, Octavio; Gallo, Antonio García

Phytocoenologia Band 37 Heft 3-4 (2007), p. 663 - 697

veröffentlicht: Dec 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/0340-269X/2007/0037-0663

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A comparative study of the summit of La Palma and Tenerife from a bioclimatic, floristic and phytocoenotic viewpoint is carried out. Three new alliances are described: Plantaginion webbii Martín Osorio, Wildpret & Rivas Martínez all. nova, Juniperion cedri Martín Osorio, Wildpret & Rivas Martínez all. nova and Violion cheiranthifoliae Voggenreiter ex Rivas Martínez, Wildpret & Martín Osorio all. nova. Two new associations representatives of the Canary Islands cedar (Juniperus cedrus) woodland within the alliance Juniperion cedri are described: Adenocarpo viscosi-Juniperetum cedri Martín Osorio, Wildpret, Hernández Bolaños ass. nova and Adenocarpo spartioidis-Juniperetum cedri Martín Osorio, Wildpret, Hernández Bolaños ass. nova. The association Descurainio bourgeauanae-Spartocytisetum supranubii (Esteve 1973) Martín Osorio, Wildpret & Hernández Bolaños stat. nov. is also described, a pioneer community which grows on the mobile pyroclast and lava flow filling materials of the Orotava slide which belong to several volcanic episodes. Furthermore three new subassociations are described: Spartocytisetum supranubii descurainietosum lemsii Martín Osorio & Wildpret subass. nova, Spartocytisetum supranubii descurainietosum gonzalesii Martín Osorio & Wildpret subass. nova and Descurainio bourgeauanae-Spartocytisetum supranubii erigerontetosum calderae Martín Osorio & Wildpret subass. nova. The representative class of these plant communities is included within the dry-humid Thermo- and Supramediterranean Canary Islands cedar woodland, pine woodland and summit broom scrub Canary climatophilous hyperseries húmedos (Chamaecytiso-Pino canariensis sigmetea). Finally, the distribution of some taxons and syntaxons using a Geobotanic Information System is also shown.


phytosociologychamaecytiso-pinetea canariensisjuniperion cedriplantaginion webbiispartocytision supranubiigeobotanic information systemfitosociologiachamaecytiso-pinetea canariensisjuniperion cedriplantaginion webbiispartocytision supr