Original paper

Report of the Committee for Nomina Conservanda, Ambigua, Inversa and Mutata: 1

Willner, Wolfgang; Grabherr, Georg; Pallas, Jens; Weber, Heinrich E.


With the 3rd edition of the International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature, a special Committee was established to faciliate and accelerate the decision of the Nomenclature Commission on submitted proposals for nomina ambigua, nomina inversa, nomina mutata, and nomina conservanda. Here we present the first report of this Committee. In the first part of the paper, a short overview of the major problems related with each of the four categories is given. In the second part, 19 proposals are discussed together with a recommendation whether the proposal should be accepted or rejected. Authors who wish to submit a proposal to the Nomenclature Commission are asked to use this report as a guideline.


nomenclaturenomen ambiguumnomen inversumnomen mutatumnomen conservandumsyntaxonomy