Scientific communication

WetVegEurope: a database of aquatic and wetland vegetation of Europe

Landucci, Flavia; Řezníčková, Marcela; Šumberová, Kateřina; Chytrý, Milan; Aunina, Liene; Biţă-Nicolae, Claudia; et al., Alexander


WetVegEurope is a research project ( whose goal is to provide a synthesized formalized classification of the aquatic and marsh vegetation across Europe at the level of phytosociological associations. In order to achieve the project objective, a WetVegEurope database has been created (GIVD ID: EU-00-020,, which currently contains 375,212 vegetation plots of aquatic, marsh and wet vegetation types from 33 European countries. The WetVegEurope database includes datasets from pre-existing national and thematic databases and also 10,616 plots previously not digitalized or even unpublished. This database offers an extensive source of data for future studies on aquatic and marsh plant species and vegetation types at the European scale.


vegetation plotdatabankvegetation surveyturbovegmarshmacrophytic vegetationhydrophytic vegetationphytosociology