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The Mediterranean Ammophiletea Database: a comprehensive dataset of coastal dune vegetation

Marcenò, Corrado; Jiménez-Alfaro, Borja

Phytocoenologia Band 47 Heft 1 (2017), p. 95 - 105

15 references

published: Jan 1, 2017
published online: Nov 1, 2016
manuscript accepted: Sep 13, 2016
manuscript revision received: Sep 8, 2016
manuscript revision requested: Aug 15, 2016
manuscript received: Apr 26, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/2016/0133

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Abstract This paper introduces the Mediterranean Ammophiletea Database, reporting history of data collection, current content and further development of this new research infrastructure for coastal dune vegetation. The main aim was to compile, in a unique repository, vegetation plot data of psammophilous herbaceous communities (Ammophiletea and Helichryso-Crucianelletea maritimae phytosociological classes) from Southern Europe and Northern Africa. In 2016 the database contained 7769 relevés and 1586 species from the Mediterranean basin, the South Atlantic side of Europe (Morocco, Portugal and Spain) and the Black Sea. A total of 200 bibliographic references were used to digitize phytosociological relevés currently stored in Turboveg software. Most plots were georeferenced to a precision of < 1 km. 80% of the plots include information about plot size and 74% about total cover of the sampled communities. The database is registered in the Global Index of Vegetation Database (GIVD) and is available by request through the European Vegetation Archive (EVA). Abbreviations: EVA = European Vegetation Archive; GIVD = Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases.
 Submitted: 26 April 2016; first decision: 15 August 2016; accepted: 13 September 2016
 Co-ordinating Editor: Florian Jansen


dunesphytosociologyrelevéTurbovegvegetation plot