Original paper

Contribution à l'étude de la végétation forestière d'Anatolie méditerranéenne

Akman, Y.; Barbéro, M.; Quézel, P.


Having presented a climatic and bioclimatic note concerning the Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey, replacing their stations according to Emberger bioclimatic zones, the authors cell to order the great phytosociological structures in which are inset the forest ecosystems of the region. They look at the details of the thermo-mediterranean and mediterranean type vegetation sequences of Ceratonia, Olea-Lentiscus groupements and populations of hardleaf evergreen and decidious oaks. The coniferous forests of Pinus brutia, their various forms in function of the substratum, and Pinus pinea forests are exposed. The decidious supramediterranean forests of Quercus frainetto, Q. macrolepis, Q. dshorochensis, Carpinus betulus, Quercus anatolica, Q. pseudocerris, Ostrya carpinifolia and Fagus orientalis are studied. As for the mountain- and oro-mediterranean levels, the authors study in sequence, the Cilicien Fir, the Pallas Pines and Cedar forests. They analyse the forest ecosystems at the mediterranean margines in Northern Turkey which consists of Pinus sylvestris, Fagus orientalis and Abies bornmuelleriana. Formations of sylvatic Juniperus are also described (Juniperus excelsa and J. foetidissima). Finally they present an outline of the vegetation series organized according to the principal mediterranean elements for which they provide data concerning their productivity.


substratumforest ecosystemsmediterraneanbioclimatic zonesAnatoliaTurkey