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Thermophilous fungi in Southern India

Apinis, A. E.; Pugh, G. J. F.

Phytocoenologia Band 6 Heft 1-4 (1979), p. 152 - 165

21 references

published: Oct 22, 1979

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Some 32 soil samples were examined from coastal area near Madras, inland area near Coimbatore and high altitude soils NW of Coimbatore under natural vegetation, coffee and tea plantations, cultivated soils under various crops and soils at sea coast. 88 species of 19 genera were recorded comprising 10 phycomycetes, 32 asco­mycetes and 46 deuteromycetes. In regard to their temperature requirements they represent 17 thermophilics, 5 psychrotolerant thermophiles, 34 species of microthermophilics and 32 transitional mesophiles. The latter three groups include some potential pathogens such as certain species of Absidia, Allesheria and Aspergillus. Quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of their occurrence are discussed and certain general conclusions made in regard to their zonal and local distribution. It is concluded that their relatively high degree of presence in cultivated soils is an indicator for high soil fertility as it is already known for procaryotic thermophile soil microorganisms. However, their occurrence, ecological activities in soil and their relations to populations of other soil microorganisms needs further experimental clarification.


soilcoffee plantationsphycomycetesmicrothermophilicsMadrasIndia