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The vegetation of the Canadian Prairie Provinces II. The grasslands, Part 2 Mesic grasslands and meadows

Looman, J.

Phytocoenologia Band 9 Heft 1-2 (1981), p. 1 - 26

36 references

published: Aug 12, 1981

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In this paper, a classification of the mesic grasslands and meadows of the Prairie Provinces is presented. In the mesic grasslands the Class Stipo-Festucetea includes the common grasslands of the Parklands and foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Grasslands of the Stipo-Andropogonetea formerly were important, but now exist only as small areas. Meadows are placed in the Class Carici-Calamagrostietea, and occur on soils with a high water-table, usually flooded in spring. Two Orders can be recognized: Junco-Caricetalia lanuginosae in the south which is relatively rich in species, and a boreal Order, Calamagrostio-Caricetalia, the grass-sedge meadows with relatively few species. Both the mesic grasslands and the meadows form transitions with woody vegetation, in particular shrubbery, to form a varied biocoenose. An account of the animal component of this biocoenose is presented.


mesicgrasslandmeadowswoody vegetationPrairie ProvincesCanada