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Romanian Forest Database: a phytosociological archive of woody vegetation

Indreica, Adrian; Turtureanu, Pavel Dan; Szabó, Anna; Irimia
, Irina

Phytocoenologia (2017)

23 references

published online: Aug 25, 2017
manuscript accepted: May 5, 2017
manuscript revision received: May 3, 2017
manuscript revision requested: Apr 17, 2017
manuscript received: Mar 3, 2017

DOI: 10.1127/phyto/2017/0201

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Abstract We describe the current state and perspectives of a database of Romanian woody vegetation (Romanian Forest Database, GIVD ID: EU-RO-007), which is also part of the European Vegetation Archive (EVA) and the sPlot platform. In February 2017, the number of stored relevés was 9558, estimated to cover 64% of relevés available from forest and scrub vegetation types: Salicetea purpureae, Rhamno-Prunetea, Carpino-Fagetea, Alnetea glutinosae, Quercetea pubescenti-petraea, Quercetea robori-petraeae, Erico-Pinetea and Vaccinio-Piceetea. The digitized information comprises full plant species cover and abundance represented by use of the Braun-Blanquet scale (92% of plots), relief, cover of vegetation layers, original and standardised syntaxa, source reference, date of survey/publication, locality (descriptive and geographic coordinates). All plots are georeferenced in WGS 84. Each relevé was assigned to a standardised association and alliance, according to the latest vegetation synopsis. This designation refined the 202 original names of vegetation units to 92 standardised associations. The database is continuously updated. These data are available on request according to the governance rules of EVA, in a semi-restricted regime.
 Abbreviations: EVA = European Vegetation Archive; GIVD = Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases; RFD = Romanian Forest Database.
 Submitted: 3 March 2017; first decision: 17 April 2017; accepted: 5 May 2017


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