Original paper

Dry mass and nutrient dynamics of herbaceous vines in the floodplain of a regulated river

Rashid, Md Harun; Uddin, Md Nazim; Asaeda, Takashi; Uchida, Tetsuo


Seasonal changes in the dry mass and nutrient status of the plant organs in two herbaceous lianas (Pueraria lobata and Sicyos angulatus) were studied in the floodplain of a regulated river in central Japan from April 2008 to June 2009. Plant and soil samples were collected and above- and belowground dry mass was measured in plants collected from two locations with different soil characteristics along the Tama River. Total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) concentrations in the soil associated with S. angulatus were higher than in that associated with P. lobata. The dry mass of S. angulatus was higher in soils with high nutrient levels. P. lobata, though it produced more dry mass in nutrient-rich soil, also grew well on nutrient-limited soils. Dry and nutrient-poor habitats produced higher amounts of belowground dry mass in P. lobata than habitats with higher soil moisture contents and nutrient levels. The plant organs showed the highest accumulation of TN and TP in leaves, followed by the roots and stems. In both species there was no significant correlation between plant nutrients and available soil nutrients.


invasive vinespueraria lobataregulated riverseasonal dynamicssicyos angulatus