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Geoparks and the Planet Earth Institute (PEI) – a new platform to promote Earth Sciences in Society in the follow-on of the IYPE

Eder, Wolfgang; de Mulder, Eduardo

Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften Heft 76 (2011), p. 9 - 9

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published: May 26, 2011

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The “International Year of Planet Earth” (IYPE) has been particularly successful in its outreach and education programmes during its time span from 2007 to 2010. Numerous activities in the many countries with IYPE National Committees were monitored and registered under the (German) “Planet Earth”-logo including those aiming at the promotion and/or development of ‘Geoparks’, ‘Geotopes’ and ‘Geoheritage’. In full compliance with IYPE Board decisions and resolutions a new Foundation “Planet Earth Institute ” (PEI) has been created on 17 December 2010 in The Netherlands as a follow-on initiative of the UN-“International Year of Planet Earth” (IYPE), notably addressing outreach activities related to Earth Sciences. In consultation with the Dutch Ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Innovation and the University & Research Centre in Wageningen, The Netherlands, Eduardo de Mulder together with Wolfgang Eder established the PEI as an international, non-governmental, non-profit foundation. The objectives of the Foundation are: (a) to further increase the visibility of Earth Sciences by communicating with the general public the added value of Earth science information for society and the well-being of future generations; (b) to promote solutions based on science for problems Planet Earth faces; (c) to do all that which is connected with or may be conducive to the above objects, in the broadest sense of the word used.