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The ancient city of Berat, Albania and the canyons of the Osumi River

Cina, Aleksander

Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften Heft 76 (2011), p. 29 - 31

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published: May 26, 2011

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The region of Berati is located in the Southern-central part of Albania, 120 km far from the capital of Tirana and the International Airport. In this region you can visit some particular, attractive sites with historicalarchitectural and touristic interest: The City of Berati, over 2. 400 years old, included in World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO; the high Tomorri mountain; carse cave of Pirrogoshi and the wonderful canyons of Osumi river (Cina 2006). The city of Berat was founded by Illyrian tribes, in the early bronze epoch, 2000 years BC. Its first name was Antipatrea, 330 years BC, in honor of general Antipatreas, the governor of Alexander The Great. Later on the name was changed into Pulcheriopolis in honor of Pulcheria, sister of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II (408-450 AC). The nowadays name Berati is derived from Belgrade, so named by the Bulgarian occupation in 860-927 and 969-1. 028 AC. The city of Berati has had a long, bright and dramatic history also under some invasions, Roman (the Illyrian-Roman war 219 BC to 27 AC), Byzantine, Norman, the Anjous, Bulgarian and at last the Ottoman one (Jacques 1995). The city of Berati is located on some hills, in both banks of Osumi River. The quarters are connected by a stony ancient bridge with many arches (Fig. 1). This city is particularly attractive by the architecture of some quarters composed by houses with many windows and situated one above the other. Therefore Berati is called the city of “one above the other windows ” also (Fig. 2).