Original paper

A tectono-stratigraphic model for the depositional history and basin development of the Permian–Early Triassic at the southern margin of the Southern Permian Basin (The Netherlands and adjacent parts of Belgium and Germany)

Geluk, Mark C.; Röhling, Heinz-Gerd


Detailed study of Permian-Triassic rocks in the SE Netherlands has revealed a more complex geological history of the area than previously was assumed. One of the most prominent structures in the studied area of SE Netherlands and adjacent areas is the Roer Valley Graben (RVG), which belongs to the European Mesozoic to Cenozoic rift system and developed mostly post-Oligocene. The RVG developed upon pre-existing sedimentary basins of Carboniferous, Triassic to early Jurassic and Late Jurassic age. The integration of various data sources has enabled a better correlation of the Permian-Triassic rocks. Sedimentation and preservation of these deposits in the SE Netherlands and the adjacent areas of northeastern Belgium and the Lower Rhine area in Germany are mainly controlled by faults. However, distribution and conservation of the Permian-Triassic succession is not the consequence of a single fault or a single tectonic event, but of a polyphase geodynamic evolution since the Carboniferous, including an amalgamation of multiple reactivations of different faults and structures (e.g.Puth Anticline) at different times. Locally distributed conglomerates and sand masses hitherto unreported were shed into the basin during Permian-Triassic times and must be incorporated in the interpretation of the depositional history. Moreover most of the well data is old, and without good logs. A comparison between rock descriptions from old documents with the results of more recent wells has partly solved this issue. Despite to all uncertainties the complex database revealed a first depositional model for the area, which may be developed further by new well and seismic data. It includes Dinantian reefs, with small Zechstein reefs on top.


roer valley graben (rvg)tectono-stratigraphycentral european basindevelopmentdepositional historybasinearly triassicpermian