Original paper

Burial, temperature and maturation history of the Ringkøbing-Fyn High, Denmark

Sachse, Victoria; Littke, Ralf F.


Thermal maturity information has been compiled from well cuttings for the Ringkøbing-Fyn High, separating the North German Basin and the Norwegian-Danish Basin. Burial and temperature histories as well as the evolution of maturity of sedimentary organic matter were evaluated for four wells, using 1D modelling. Basic data for this study were thermal maturity parameters obtained by Rock-Eval pyrolysis and vitrinite random reflectance measurements as well as the local stratigraphic settings. The presence of resedimented organic matter as well as low to moderate organic carbon content made maturity assessment difficult. Different scenarios of heat flow history and magnitude of erosion of Jurassic sediments have been applied during modelling in order to achieve a range of possible scenarios as well as one best matching scenario, based on a fit of measured and calculated calibration parameters. The Zechstein and Rotliegend deposits experienced maximum depth and temperature conditions during the Oligocene (scenario 1) or during the Jurassic (scenario 2). Both scenarios consider the major tectonic events in the area such as the Jurassic uplift and a mid-Cenozoic exhumation. A sensitivity analysis was performed, addressing the dependence of the model on varying input parameters, i.e.eroded Cenozoic thickness and heat flow evolution.


ringkøbing-fyn highdenmarkburial historythermal historysource rock potential