Original paper

Visualising 3D geological models through innovative techniques

Wycisk, Peter; Schimpf, Lars


The increasing number and availability of scientifically accurate 3D geological models raises questions about adequate visualisation demands and the technical possibility of overcoming limitations in viewer perception. The paper introduces some innovative and newly applied visualisation techniques from other sectors that can be applied to 3D geological models. These techniques comprise of: 3D printing (polymer-gypsum), 2D and 3D lenticular large format printing, 3D true colour holograms, and glass laser engraving 3D block models of different formats. From the authors' experiences working in this field, the techniques' applicability to 3D geological models, including strengths and weaknesses, is summarised and illustrated.


lenticular image3d printingglass laser engraving modelscientific visualisation3d geological modelsscientific communication