Original paper

Sedimentary Economic Deposits in United Arab Republic

Faris, M. J.


Zusammenfassung Es werden kurz die Lagerstätten in den Sedimentgesteinen der VAR besprochen. Es handelt sich um Eisen, Kohle, Mangan, Erdöl, Phosphate, Dolomite, Evaporite und schwarze Sande.


Egypt lies in the north-east corner of Africa and embraces a total area of about 1 million square kilometers. The basement complex consists of igneous and metamorphic rocks and covers an area of about 93 000 square kilometers while the rest of the country is covered by various sedimentary formations. The pre-Cambrian rocks thus cover about 1/10 of the land surface and form a part of the Arabian-Nubian shield which marks the most rugged and mountaneous part of the eastern desert and southern Sinai. In the past few years great attention had been paid to the basement complex for the various economic minerals while the sedimentary rocks received but a little importance. Many difficulties also arose as regards the exploitation of many known minerals such as chromite, ilmenite, tin and gold. This may be due to the difficulties of the thorough knowledge of the nature and systematic classification of the enclosing rocks or may be due to the vague and irregular distribution of these minerals.