Original paper

Givetium und Frasnium in Riffazies am Nordrand des Stavelot-Venn-Massivs

Kasig, Werner


The Upper Givetian and the Lower Frasnian in reef-facies on the northern border of Stavelot-Venn-Massiv (Germany/Belgium) consists of a sequence of stromatoporid-biostromes, laminated and textureless calcilutites of 250 m in thickness. The "Grenzschiefer" with 4 m in thickness are an excellent marker horizon in the middle of this sequence. Within the laminated calcilutites below the "Grenzschiefer" lies the Middle Devonian/Upper Devonian boundary. Paleogeographical the investigated region is a part of a zone of relative shallow water in front of the southern coast of the Devonian North Continent.