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Wortgeschichten aus der Keuperstratigraphie, III: Gipskeuper, Grundgips und Berggips

[The story of terms used in Keuper stratigraphy, III: Gipskeuper, Grundgips and Berggips]

Nitsch, Edgar

Zeitschrift der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft Band 155 Heft 2-4 (2005), p. 187 - 193

35 references

published: Jun 1, 2005

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The term “Gipskeuper” has been introduced by Gümbel in 1866 to summarize the lowermost three Formations of the Middle Keuper, i. e., his “Grundgyps” (now Grabfeld Fm.), “Schilfsandstein” (Stuttgart Fm.), and “Berggyps” (Steigerwald Fm.). His term “Grundgyps” was cut down to a more restricted meaning by Thürach in 1888, to designate only the basal gypsum deposit of this Formation, which is of economic importance even today. “Berggyps”, on the other hand, was coined by Quenstedt in 1864 for nodular gypsum beds above the “Schilfsandstein” near Tübingen.


history of sciencestratigraphyTriassicKeuperGipskeuperGrundgipsBerggipsGermany