Original paper

Relief structure of the Tunka rift system (Lake Baikal region)

Shchetnikov, Alexander A.


The Tunka rift consists of a system of baikal type basins and low-mountain interbasin ridges separating them. In the north it is surrounded by the alpine Tunka ridge and the low Olkha upland, and in the south by the siberian mountains Western Khamar-Daban with volcanic plateau. This rift may be as a morphotype of dry rift basin of the Baikal type (rift valley) because it has a full set of their typical structural elements and their unified forms. Relief of the rift and its mountain surroundings are composed of five belts: the belt of plains and the belt of tilted piedmonts, the apical belt, the belt of slopes, and the belt of valley bottoms in its mountain frame. Instead of them there is a large group of interzonal land forms.