Original paper

Relict alluvial fans of Matarsko Podolje and Vrhpoljska Brda, Slovenia

Stepisnik, Uroš


Several types of contact karst are found within the Slovenian karst, but the most common is the ponor type, which usually develops at boundaries between flysch and limestone. The most extensive contact of this type is in the area of Matarsko podolje in western Slovenia and in its northern extension, Vrhpoljska brda. In this contact karst area two types of alluvial fans appear on carbonate bedrock. Members of the first type are ordinary alluvial fans with active alluvial processes where flysch derived sediment covered limestone surface in a distinct fan shape. The other type, described as relict alluvial fans, is fan-shaped features preserved in the carbonate bedrock. These essentially bedrock landforms developed as a result of the gradual removal of pre-existing alluvial fan cover and the concurrent but non-uniform chemical denudation of the underlying carbonate bedrock. Geomorphologic and morphometric description of alluvial fans and relict alluvial are provided in the article and mechanisms of relict alluvial fans formation are discussed.


contact karstkarstalluvial fanrelict alluvial fansloveniaelectrical resistivity imaging (eri)