Original paper

Geomorphologic evolution of the cuesta landscapes around the Northern Franconian Alb review and synthesis

Peterek, Andreas; Schröder, Bernt


In order to study the late Mesozoic and Cenozoic landscape development of the eastern part of the South German Scarplands, we compiled the present data available from the literature and our own field work in the surroundings of the Franconian Alb. The integration of interdisciplinary data on different scales allows a comprehensive picture of the present cuesta structures and of the long-term evolution of five morphotectonically different subareas. In these areas, temporal and spatial independent vertical crustal movement dominantly influenced the initiation, structural and sculptural shaping, and the geomorphology of the cuesta landscape. Furthermore, changes in the base level of erosion and the evolution of the drainage systems belong to the most affecting key factors of the landscape evolution, whereas, the impetus of climatogenetic effects seems to be of only minor importance.


cuesta landformsdrainage systemsneotectonicslong-term landscape evolutionsouth german scarplands