Original paper

Dynamique de l'erosion des terres dans un milieu semi-aride de la Tunisie centrale: le cas du chainon de Mrhila et de ses piemonts

Amami, Lamine


Jabal Mrhila and its foreland are located in the High Steppes of central Tunesia. The acceleration of erosion during the historic period is due more to the transformation of the geomorphic environment than to any climate change. The study of the erosion processes and identification of various types of land-surface degradation are summarised in a soil-erosion map, in which the environments are classified by their degree of instability. This approach allows for a more efficient fight against the soil erosion of the region, based on the optimal use of its environments as well as the involvement of the farming communities and consideration of the runoff problem of the region within a comprehensive programme of land use.


soil erosionhistoric periodgeomorphic environmentclimate changeinstability