Original paper

Quaternary tilt-block tectonics in parts of Eastern Kumaun Himalaya, India

Agarwal, K.K.; Sharma, V.K.


The active tectonics of the Himalaya are manifested in a host of geomorphologic features such as drainage pattern development, fault scarps and uplifted Quaternary alluvial fans etc. The study analyses the drainage incision to identify the tilting of Quaternary blocks in the Kali River System, the Kumaun Himalaya. A technique of drainage basin morphometry analysis that quantifies basin symmetry has been applied to detect the tilting of areas occupied by Quaternary deposits. The Drainage Basin symmetry vectors, calculated from topographic profiles of parts of the Kali River Basin bring out preferred stream migration in response to Quaternary ground tilting of southeast and northwest directions across the North Almora Thrust. An oblique-slip type of movement along the fault has been postulated. The approach provides a quick appraisal of possible tilting elements on the neotectonically active Himalayan terrain and is of great utility in areas where active faults are concealed or poorly exposed.


active tectonicsdrainage basinskali river systemnw himalaya