Original paper

Morphotectonic study of Foussana trough (central Tunisian Atlas): new data of a Holocene neotectonic deformation

Essid, El Mabrouk; Bkhairi, Amor; Rabhi, Mohsen; Ali, Mustapha Ben Haj; Karray, Mohamed Raouf


In the “Foussana Trough“, area of the Central Tunisia, a morphostructural ana lysis allowed the identification of structural discontinuities that mainly correspond to N-160- en- echelon normal faults. The organization of Quaternary deposits and the hydrographic network structure have been widely influenced by the relative movements of these faults. The seismicity recorded in the region of “Foussana“ shows that these tectonic elements are still active. These faults indicate a local distensive context that can be compatible with an N-S active compression affecting the Atlas and Tell domain of Tunisia.