Original paper

Geomorphodiversity derived by a GIS-based geomorphological map: case study the Czech Republic

Demek, Jaromír; Kirchner, Karel; In, Peter Mackovc; Slavík, Petr


Geomorphodiversity is a critical and specific assessment of geomorphological features of a territory, by comparing them in an extrinsic and in intrinsic way, taking into account the scale of investigation, the purpose of research and the level of scientific quality. Authors characterize the geomorphodiversity of the Czech Republic that is situated in Central Europe in the complex contact zone of the old West-European Platform and the young Carpathians Mountains. The results of the research project carried out by the authors in the frame of publication of a digital Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic in 2009 are the digital geomorphological information system (geomorphological data-base) and GIS-based geomorphological map of the Czech Republic. The content of the paper is a computer supported quantitative evaluation of the geomorphodiversity of the territory using the geomorphological database of above mentioned GIS-based geomorphological map.


geomorphodiversitygis geomorphological databasegis-based geomorphological mapczech republic