Original paper

Changes of geological environment due to the anthropogenic impacts: a case study of south of East Siberia, Russia

Khak, V.A.; Kozyreva, E.A.


The southern region of East Siberia is marked by the intense anthropogenic pressing upon the geological environment. The monitoring investigation of exogenic processes, including the inherited ones (gravitation, cryogenic and those induced by the surface and subsurface waters), were carried out in special key sites set up with reference to specific conditions of geological environment, intensity and interaction of developing processes. For the estimation of actual conditions in the region, and ensuring of the undisturbed exploitation of engineering facilities, the specific features of lithosphere, character of dynamics of exogenic processes and evolution of technogenesis should be taken into account.


geodynamical territory conditionsengineering structure influence areainherited exogenic geological processeskarst landslide deformationabrasion-accumulation processprocesses interactionreactivation