Original paper

A study of sedimentation rate in the lower Yellow River based on cross section measurement data

Xu, Jiongxin


Using cross section measurement data, the sedimentation rate of the lower Yellow River was determined. There are two methods to determine channel sedimentation rate, the method of sediment budget using data of suspended sediment loads, and the method using data of cross-section measurement. The latter has the advantage of avoiding the error that may be resulted from sediment load measurement, which is incapable of measuring the near-bottom suspended sediment and bed-load. Moreover, in so-doing, when relating annual channel sedimentation rate to the incoming sediment load, the demand of independence between the independent and dependent variables can be satisfied. Based on annual data from the period 1952-1999, correlations between channel sedimentation rate and a number of flow and sediment indices have been established, all significant at a level of p < 0.01. Then, some multiple equations have been established, which can be used to estimate channel sedimentation rate based on a number of influencing variables including suspended sediment load and its grain size compositing, water discharge and, hyperconcentration flow frequency. These equations may provide some useful information for better environment management in general, and for sediment management in particular, in the Yellow River basin.


the lower yellow riversedimentationcross section measurementsedimentation rate