Original paper

Do pediplains exist? Suggested criteria and examples

Twidale, C. R.; Bourne, J. A.


Pediplains are formed by the coalescence of pediments and by implication are of considerable areal extent. But the nature of the component pediments and the size of the area covered have not been specified. Three types of pediments of similar morphology but of different structure, distribution and perceived origins, have been described. Mantled pediments of etch origin are the most widely distributed and examples now lacking a backing scarp are recognized. Selected Australian regions are considered as possible as examples of pediplains. Areas of regional extent with prominent mantled pediments but also significant areas of upland and alluviated plains are differentiated from pedimented landscapes in which scarpless mantled forms are dominant. Many suggested pediplains are also inselberg landscapes.


criteriainselberg landscapemantled pedimentpediplain